Between Us

Though we cannot say it...
that we love each other
Cause we know people may not like it
when they know. 

No matter how strong 
our feeling for each other is
Only the two of us know
and must keep it to ourselves

Can't tell anyone
Cause everything is already good as it is
As long we know about it
Our minds connect just by looking into each other's eyes.

Just listening to the same love songs is enough to keep our heart warm 
And there's nothing else I could ask for more
Just know it in our own heart
Just the two of us is enough 

It's more than love. 
No words could ever express
We don;t need to walk hand in hand
Just standing next to each other is good enough

Our love does not require any kind of words to define it 
Though we must not make our feeling for each other known to anyone
Keep this relationship to only the two of us 
Just sharing the same air with you is already good enough 

I don't need anything else 
And I'm not gonna ask for more
Cause everything is already good as it is 

- End of 2016 -

About Last Night

Our story should've ended 
So that I wouldn't get hurt
And wouldn't think about it any more
You might not feel in 'love' 

Within the short period of time we met
It might not be call 'love' 
but it's good enough for me to never forget you
The truth is that 'I shouldn't be here anymore'

When I know that you have her with all your heart 
This just a 'story of a lonely person'
That will never continue
In the end it's 'just me who's being careless'

And thinking only about 'last night'

- August 2016 -

You're ordinary

The truth is that I shouldn't be here anymore
When I knew well that you had their with all your heart
It was just a 'story of a lonely person' 
and I wasn't here with you anymore

In the end, it's my fault that I was careless
I've been thinking about 'last night'

The truth is 'our love' should have ended
and I would not hurt
if I don't not keep 'our story' 
and think about it anymore

You might not feel
with the momentary memories that we met
It couldn't be called 'love'

We didn't breakup because we couldn't love each other 
but it might be because we didn't love each other

July 2016

Make It Right!

I don't know how long before
I'll find the truth in my heart
and find a love
that would never think of leaving

I don't know when i will find it
Or how far I'll have to travel
I've been searching for love for a long time
Even if I'm disappointed and shed many tears
I will never get discourage and give up
Because I believe in true love
I believe with all my heart
I just haven't found it yet
I'm still in search of true love

Because i know true love is real
True love is waiting for me
I will prove true love exists
even if i don't know when

Mid Year 2016

Don't tell me why!

Please don't ask me why
If your heart say you wanted to
Just leave as it should be
Just want you to know I would do anything
and everything for you
because I love you all my heart
that's why there are no condition for me

I know it's wrong but I think it's worthy
Better not let you disappoint at me
if love makes this whole world beautiful
you're the one stated it so clear to me more and more
No matter what I have to pay
No matter how wrong others say
I just want you to stay with me
only me with your heart and soul

if I annoy you sometimes
of if you don't want me
Just tell me I'll give you more space
But if you want to me to leave forever
I don't think I can do it
Because I love you all my heart
That's why there are no condition for me

- Birthday Wish to see you again -

Other Completion

We have to love each other.
We used to love it. 
When he came
Recently, you still felt
And I see that slowly.
He knew you loved

Do not become too much.
If you want from me
If you are going to love one another.
No need to reason
No need to feel guilty about that.
The fact is that you loves me more than anyone else.
We may never love
But you did not love me enough.

If I love you with all my heart.
In you mind would not rest on it. 
But he added
Ago, we still love each other enough.
Will make you strong enough to love them.

The fact is that you loves me more than anyone else.
We may never love
But she did not love me enough.

January 2016

Middle of Raining Night!

Most relationships tend to fail
Not because of the absence of love
Love is always present

It's just that one was being loved too much
the other wasn't being loved enough


Other Addicted

Perhaps you had not wanted to say anything away.
Perhaps it would not have been synonymous with the mind.
The attempt whether and how to prepare it.

I like that facing reality.
Even in trying to talk to every one.
The intention

But it was like before. It will reveal much.
To say that word 
My voice was lost

Read my lips that ... I will say again ...
And it is this It is not that much longer.
Do not worry, I will love you. 
Do not worry if I change my mind.
I'll be like this ... forever.

I know sometimes it seems trivial.
But I will try to speak to every one.
For all of my heart
It reiterated in this word that you did not love.

~ Ending of August ~