Between Us

Though we cannot say it...
that we love each other
Cause we know people may not like it
when they know. 

No matter how strong 
our feeling for each other is
Only the two of us know
and must keep it to ourselves

Can't tell anyone
Cause everything is already good as it is
As long we know about it
Our minds connect just by looking into each other's eyes.

Just listening to the same love songs is enough to keep our heart warm 
And there's nothing else I could ask for more
Just know it in our own heart
Just the two of us is enough 

It's more than love. 
No words could ever express
We don;t need to walk hand in hand
Just standing next to each other is good enough

Our love does not require any kind of words to define it 
Though we must not make our feeling for each other known to anyone
Keep this relationship to only the two of us 
Just sharing the same air with you is already good enough 

I don't need anything else 
And I'm not gonna ask for more
Cause everything is already good as it is 

- End of 2016 -

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